Technical Features

Our Northern light candles are a type of candle that generate coloured flames when burning. They are made from special salt crystals that contain metallic ions. This works on the scientific principle that, when heated, the electrons of metallic ions and other compound molecules transmit from a high energy level orbit to a lower one. This energy is released in the form of colour. For example – if you throw common table salt (sodium chloride) into a fire, the heat of the fire will generate orange sparks.
Technical features of the candles

    Proper melting point (above 60 ℃) – the candle body is stable with good weathering resistance and there are no seasonal shipping restrictions.
    Highly damp-resistant – so they are easily ignitable.
    Not toxic – so safe for use by all age groups.
    There is no environmental contamination or air pollution by the combustion gasses.
    Water soluble – so easy to dispose of any residues.

Unlike other brands of colour flame candles, our candles do NOT suffer from the following problems:

    1 Excessive high or low melting points and excessive toxicity
    2 Irritating and unpleasant odours
    3 Serious moisture-absorbing problems making them hard to ignite
    4 Poor shelf life with a failure to store well due to sublimation and weathering;
    5 Synchronous combustion of the core and its body.